I have been working as an astrologer since 1984.  I trained with the Faculty of Astrological Studies and gained their diploma that year.  Later, I did their two year Counselling within Astrology course and am on the Faculty’s register of counselling astrologers.  This has enabled me to use some counselling techniques in my work if appropriate.  Normally, I try and interpret your chart in a way that is helpful, describing astrological energies going on at the time and dealing with your questions, and using counselling skills is often not relevant.

Apart from working with clients, I am director of astrologycollege.com which provides distant learning courses for those interested in learning astrology for fun and personal developoment, and/or for professional training (www.astrologycollege.com).

Since the late 1980s I have worked at camps,, gatherings and at Glastonbury Festival with other astrologers.  I am currently updating a publication I did in 1996 on astrological gardening.

Jean Elliott, DFAstrolS., RCAstrol., Dip.Astrol.C., FAPAI.

Fellow of Association of Professional Astrologers International (www.professionalastrologers.org)