Zodiac spiralVisit or telephone or consultations
If it is unrealistic for you to visit, I can work by email, telephone, and in the future Skype (when I get used to it!).

Hour consultation:

1st consultation.  £50.

Subsequent consultations. £35.

Sometimes, I have further insights into what is going  after the session and I may send an email or letter  if this is the case and it does not take a long time.  This is included in the fee.  If you would like a more detailed notes of the session, please add £20.00 onto fee.  At the present time, in 2019, however, I do not have time to write a detailed astro-analysis.

Sessions are not recorded.

When I do have time to do detailed written work, the following is a guideline.

Written work.
This can be in depth or it can concentrate on the main points.

Personality and Potential Report:
An in depth interpretation of your birth chart.  £150.

Analysis bringing out main points:  £100.

One Year’s Forecast: £150
This is a detailed year’s forecast including astrological trends which may take longer than a year, if relevant.

Forecast bringing out main points:  £100.

Relationship Report. £150
An in-depth report.  Any kind of relationship can be looked at, such as parent/child, personal and business relationships. The Relationship Report gives an in depth interpretation of the dynamics in the relationship and how the energies can be used positively. Permission must be sought from the other person and given in writing.

Relationship analysis bringing out main points.  £100.

Potential Report for Child. £100
This is an analysis for a child or teenager under 16. However, it is advisable to ask teenagers for their permission to do this work.