The birth chart

Astrologers use the birth chart. This is an accurate map of the Sun, Moon and planets as seen



from the Earth, at the time, date and place of birth.  The Sun, Moon and planets can be understood as sub-personalities which make up the different sides of your nature.  The angular distances that they form with each other, as seen from the Earth, describe how the sub-personalities relate to each other and motivate each other.  Over millennia they have become symbols and these can be interpreted in a way that makes sense to you and your life.  Your birth chart can be used as an aid to understanding yourself and to developing your potential.


Three methods of forecasting are used, including transits in which the current positions of the Sun, Moon and planets are noted in relation to those at the time of birth. The forecasting techniques can indicate trends, possibilities, and areas of your life which are being highlighted at the present time. You have free will and astrological forecasting is not fortune telling, nor is it about describing your future in a fated sense. The forecasting techniques can be used to describe current astrological energies and how you can use them in a helpful way.

Starwaves logo - CopyWhat can astrology cover?

Whatever your particular interest or concern astrology can cover most areas of life such as career and relationships etc. It can also cover repeating patterns in your life. Why do they keep

occurring at work, in relationships and in other areas of life, for instance? You may just want a general reading of your birth chart; or you may want the astrologer to look at some specific area. Astrology cannot cover health diagnoses, or specific legal or financial issues, unless the astrologer is qualified in any of these areas.

Birth Data

You will need your date of birth, place of birth (village, town/city, country), and time of birth as it A Birth Chartwas given to you, either expressed as am/pm or in 24 hour clock. If you do not know your birth time, it is worth trying to find out when it was. Birth data is recorded on birth certificates in many countries, including Scotland, but not in the rest of the United Kingdom. Parents sometimes keep Baby Books which may record the time of birth. Relatives, or friends, who were around at the time of birth, may have an approximate idea of when birth took place. Much work can still be done without an accurate birth time, but it is more limited.